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Design Survey & Style Preferences Form

This questionnaire will help you and your designer focus on your needs and desires, and the special character of your site. These questions are not meant to be comprehensive, but to stimulate your own thinking about how you might derive the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces.

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Landscape Design Checklist

The Functional Environment   Please check activities and family members that the exterior design should accommodate

Design Themes. What are your preferences? Please check one or more

West Coast




Country Cottage


Formal, English


Design Forms. Please check the shapes and styles you prefer.

Building Materials  Please check all that appeals to you

Utility Structures / Areas  Please check features you would like to include

Landscape Structures  Please check features you would like to include

Softscape - The planted Environment  The plants selected for your outdoor living areas can provide many things. Take a moment to conisider the goals below. Please check each goal you would like to achieve through your plantings.

Thanks for submitting!

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